Spain – The Bell of Huesca

In the year 1.136, Ramiro considered timely to receive advice from how be able to end with the pressures that were exercising to him the nobility of Navarra and Castilla. To this end, it sent to Sant Ponce a messenger who was received by the abbot of that monastery while he last was working in the orchard. The abbot was beheading in that moment some cabbages that he were projecting of other and gave as response to the consulting of Ramiro II, that this messenger would say to his master, only what he had seen. Arrived the advice to Ramiro, he understood it so perfectly that quickly he summoned to Courts in the City of Huesca, to the noble and rich revolted men, making them to believe that between the motives of that summons, it was existing the mind of fusing a bell whose sounds were perceived by ear in all his dominances. The pride and pretense of the many rich men and nobility of that then, caused that attended in bulk the most beligerent, since such ostentation of power was satisfying to them.

Arrived the occasion, accordant the insurgents went entering the stay, the hangman and serving, duly hidden, they were beheaded while went happening. Then they hung the heads of the vault of a underground and that of more important, in the center, to clapper manner. With this lesson it would be obtained definitely the respect toward Ramiro II, letting all those ironicals jeers in the forgetfulness.