Films of Europe

No doubt about it: European film directors are among the best in the business. Whether it’s Lars von Trier, Pedro Almodovar or Ken Loach who floats your boat, the European team is both prominent and world-acclaimed, with huge numbers of films conceived or created here crossing oceans to reach a huge international audience. What does that tell you about our history, our humour, our creativity and culture? Sit back, grab the popcorn and get comfy…

European Historical Films

We should remember the past to build a better future. All European countries brought to the big screen the stories and atrocities of the last century. But some focused on World War II, the independence wars or the rise of totalitarian regimes…

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European Drama Films

Europeans excel in the art of producing great drama films – feeding us with emotions, passion and reflections. So you better get out your handkerchief – because Europe is calling!

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European Comedy Films

What makes Europeans laugh? Which comedy films do they watch? Southern European countries likes to have a good laugh at their own sexuality. In the North, you will be more likely to laugh about social and societal issues.

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European Stand-Up Comedians

Humor is all about language and culture. It seems logical then that Stand-Up comedians make a carrier in their country or the countries in which they share the same language. How much do we know about our neighbours’ sense of humour?

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