Europe is a land bursting with surprises!

The world’s smallest continent hosts the greatest abundance of cultural expressions, artistic creations and linguistic inventions. Sadly, these hidden treasures rarely make it beyond their national frontiers and so remain unknown to the majority of European inhabitants. EuropeIsNotDead intends precisely to explore this European heritage.

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European Nursery Rhymes

Having troubles falling into Morpheus’ arms? We have the medication you need: a compilation of the best nursery rhymes across Europe! From soft and relaxing lullabies to enthusiastic and vivid children’s songs, the choice is yours!

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European Tongue Twisters

“She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore”, “Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal”, “Les chaussettes de l’archi-duchesse, sont-elles sèches, archi-sèches ?” Tongue Twisters will teach you a lot on European culture and history.

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Who are the most famous European Composers?

European Composers

From the earliest church chants to the most modern atonality, Europe is the cradle of classical music. Even if you don’t know your Larghetto from your Leitmotiv, find just how much melody oozes from the continent’s every pore.

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European Anthems

What is the oldest national anthem in the world? Which anthem can’t be sung because it has no lyrics? Which country adapt its anthem to the gender of its monarch? Anthems in Europe are full of surprises…

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European Christmas Carols

No tradition is observed as consistently as the Christmas Carols – with each country having its own twist, of course. Have a look at the Ukrainian, Norwegian and Czech songs, they will lead you directly to Christmas fairy.

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European New Year Traditions

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and you are wondering how you could best celebrate it? All you need is Turkish red underwear, Danish old plates, Polish horse-drawn sleighs or Moldovan bear costumes.

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European Playing Cards

Whether you’re betting your house on a round of Hold ’em, foretelling the arrival of a tall dark stranger, or just letting your your young nephew win at snap: Whatever you’re doing with a pack of cards, it pays to tell your Swords from your Shields and your Cups from your Coins.

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European Historical Films

We should remember the past to build a better future. All European countries brought to the big screen the stories and atrocities of the last century. But some focused on World War II, the independence wars or the rise of totalitarian regimes…

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European Surnames

You’re looking for a friend called ‘Pierre Martin’ in France ? Hard cheese, he’s going to be tough to find. Don’t even try to type ‘Rossi’ in an Italian search engine! Meanwhile, in Germany, ‘Müller’ is so frequent that you may end up… in a supermarket!

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European Trolling

How to best piss off all your fellow Europeans? Learn here how to avoid inefficient general insults and instead go straight to the heart of the matter, thus saving time, which can be invest in improving the economy or maybe cleaning up the place a bit.

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European Strange Laws

What exactly happened to make it illegal to own a single guinea pig? Who thought it credible to forbid getting drunk in a pub? Or to stop people locking up burglars, running ‘violently’, driving dirty cars, or sleeping on a bench?

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European Christmas Cakes

Christmas is almost upon us! So to build the annual excitement, let us help you explore one of Christmastime’s most important elements: the cakes we Europeans bake for Christmas Eve! There’s a whole smörgåsbord to discover…

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European Desserts

If you get only one chance to satisfy your sweet teeth, would you rather go for the creamy Swedish Semla? The mouthwatering Belgian Waffles? The cheesy Romanian Papanași? Or the salty Spanish Churros?

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European Culinary Horrors

If you’re feeling peckish, how about some decomposed shark skin? A spot of fermented raw salmon, perhaps? Maybe with some maggot cheese to round it off. Still hungry?

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