Europe is dead? of course not !

Far from thinking that Europe is boring, we, on the contrary, assume that Europe is the land of all surprises. Indeed, the smallest continent of the world concentrates on its territory the greatest amount of cultural expressions and linguistic inventions. Unfortunately, those hidden treasures barely circulate across frontiers and remain unknown to the majority of European inhabitants.  This is all the more a pity if we consider that it is actually this cultural creativity which constitutes the spirit of Europe. aims precisely at exploring this European heritage.

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European Placeholders

“Europe, this morning, I am thinking of you like a child who awakens.” Charles Plisnier Sometimes you just can’t cotton-pickin’ remember what something’s called. Sometimes it’s a lot of times.

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European Paintings

“Europe is a state composed of several provinces”. Montesquieu. There is in every European’s mind the image of a painting which bears a peculiar importance in his national history. Some

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