Books of Europe

From philosophy to fairy tales, Anderson to Zola, encyclopaedic epics to whimsical riddles, horrible histories to happy-ever-afters: books, plays and stories have shaped the Europe that we know and love, a cultural cornerstone for every literature lover in every language. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

European Fables

Across Europe, children of all kinds owe a good deal of their education, not to teachers and textbooks, but to Fables. Who can forget the resilient Tortoise, the hardworking Ant or the naive Crow who shaped so many childhoods?

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European Philosophers

Think about: what is Europe, if not a community of philosophers? What would be Europe without its philosophy? Better than Tinder, faster than OkCupid, just get to know some of the best European philosophers!

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European Legends

Imagine Switzerland’s William Tell, riding the polish Dragon of Krakow through the French Broceliande Forest… Dream of the iIalian Befana joining the witch’s ride in Austria… Visualize the Flying Dutchman sailing along Scotland’s Loch Ness, with the German temptress Lorelei…

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European Writers

English is the language of Shakespeare; German, the language of Goethe; Italian the language of Dante or Dutch the language of Vondel. All these expressions refer to famous writers, who are not only important for their national audience, but also to Europe’s fame in the world.

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European Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was an old continent inhabited by fairies, witches and all sorts of creatures. In this magnificent kingdom that wise men called Europe, adventurers shaped their fate as they formed new friendship.

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