Dishes of Europe

From pizza to pierogi, nothing tells you more about a country than its signature dishes. From the starter to dessert, sweet to savoury, rushed comfort food to painstakingly prepared festive fancies, from the deeply delicious to the downright disgusting: prepare to stomach the best (and worst) Europe has to offer.

European Desserts

If you get only one chance to satisfy your sweet teeth, would you rather go for the creamy Swedish Semla? The mouthwatering Belgian Waffles? The cheesy Romanian Papanași? Or the salty Spanish Churros?

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European Culinary Horrors

If you’re feeling peckish, how about some decomposed shark skin? A spot of fermented raw salmon, perhaps? Maybe with some maggot cheese to round it off. Still hungry?

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European Christmas Cakes

Christmas is almost upon us! So to build the annual excitement, let us help you explore one of Christmastime’s most important elements: the cakes we Europeans bake for Christmas Eve! There’s a whole smörgåsbord to discover…

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