Dishes of Europe

Europeans are great cooks! Over the last centuries, they have brought us yummy traditional dishes, permanently reinventing their flavoursome cuisine and bringing their gastronomy to international fame. EuropeIsNotDead was lacking a dedicated section on food: there it is! This section is here to excite your tastebuds and make your mouth water. So get prepared to savor the tastiest dishes of the old continent: from European cheeses to European pastries, from salads to cakes, from first courses to desserts, from daily dishes to festive dishes. If we are honest enough, there will also even be soon an article on European culinary horrors… In any case, help us expand this section by answering thise short survey on food, whereby you’ll only be asked to provide typical dishes from your country.

European Christmas Cakes

Christmas is almost upon us! So to build the annual excitement, let us help you explore one of Christmastime’s most important elements: the cakes we Europeans bake for Christmas Eve! There’s a whole smörgåsbord to discover…

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