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EuropeIsNotDead was lacking a dedicated section on food: there it is! This section is here to excite your tastebuds and make your mouth water. In this section, it will be all about ingredients, before they turn into dishes – if you’re looking for that, this is the focus of the following section. So get prepared to discover the tastiest ingredients of the old continent: from European breads to European cheeses, from sauces to spices, from  simple ingredients to more elaborated ones. In any case, help us expand this section by answering thise short survey on food, whereby you’ll only be asked to provide typical dishes from your country. 

European Sweets

Europe, sweet Europe! Wherever you’re from, it’s likely your childhood memories concern treats both sugary and edible – whether they take the form of cute little bears, vintage marshmallow cars or a Belgian’s nose.

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European Cheeses

Here comes the ultimate ingredient to make you smile! For better or worse, Europe’s cheeses are the very embodiment of the continent’s diversity. Join us on our brie-lliant tour to make Europe grate again!

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European Breads

Home is where the bread is. But the soft and warm smell of the French baguette has little in common with the strong and dry odour of Norwegian Fjellbrød, or the herbal, salty Italian Focaccia…


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