EuropeIsNotDead had the opportunity to adapt two of its articles into books.

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All About Sweets: From Here and There, Then and Now

Sweets, treats and all in between: every child’s delicious dream can be found in these pages. Take a voyage of discovery to countries on every continent, discovering myriad sugary flavours, each shaped by the tastes and culture of their home country. So for all the candy adventurers: the hunt is on! A book for all gourmands and greedy-gumdrops from the very youngest to the once-young.

Publication date : 13 November 2019 | Rue des enfants | 59 pages | 14,5 euros  |

This book is an adaptation of the article European Sweets.

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Who Are You Laughing At? Around Europe in 345 Jokes

As the continent prepares to celebrate Europe Day, Romain Seignovert presents his book “De qui se moque-t-on? Tour d’Europe en 345 blagues” (“Who are you laughing at? Around Europe in 345 jokes”) to be released on 6 May by French publishers L’Opportun. Each European country takes the mickey out of their neighbours – but in a different way! The French find the Belgians simple-minded, the Spanish seem arrogant to the Portuguese, the Irish reckon Brits are all repressed and Swedes think the Norwegians a bunch of hicks.

Far from being offensive, these jokes and caricatures give an insight into the history of our continent and those we share it with. On this funny and informative journey, you will discover other Europeans have a wicked sense of humour!

Publication date : 6 May 2016 | Editions de l’Opportun | 224 pages | 9,9 euros  |

This book is an adaptation of the article European Jokes.

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The Very Best Little Johnny Jokes Across Europe

Everyone knows Little Johnny, or his counterpart in France, Toto, this little mischievous brat who annoys girls and always ask awkward questions. What is less known is that Little Johnny also has cousins throughout Europe! Pierino in Italy, Fritzchen in Germany or Pikku Kalle in Finland, each country has its own Little Johnny, with the specificities ofits national culture. Discover the very best Little Johnny jokes across Europe, a journey you will find both funny and informative and where you will discover that our European neighbors do not lack humor!

Publication date : 5 June 2013 | J’ai Lu humour | 160 pages | 3,5 euros  |

This book is an adaptation of the article European Little Johnny Jokes.

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