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EuropeIsNotDead is not alone! In our research, we came across many other interesting maps made by other Europeans – either individuals, institutions or businesses. Some display interesting facts about Europe, others more in-depth analysis of European cultural heritage. In all cases, they portray a different Europe, not so far from what this website is trying to do. Here is our humble attempt to collect some of them, always giving credit where credit is due.

If you want to share interesting maps about Europe, please drop us a mail, we’ll be happy to host them!

European Quotation Marks

Did you ever want to know which quotation marks are used in different regions in Europe? “Curly quotes”, “Angled quotes”, “Eastern style”… these little inverted commas will no longer hold any secret for you!

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European Musical Styles

Do you know where Dance, Grunge and Gothic Rock musics come from? Condor, the airline company, pleases us with this great map retracing the origins of our favorite musical styles.

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European Shakespeare’s Plays

From Hamlet and Macbeth in the north, Henry V in northern France, the Antony and Cleopatra in the far south east, Jane Tomlinson has illustrated all the plays of Shakespeare on a European map. 

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European Street Food

How could you possibly satisfy your hunger? In Europe, the choice is yours. You can rather opt for a Spanish bocadillo, a French Jambon-beurre, a British fish and chips or a German currywurst.

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European Military Camouflages

Europe filled with all countries’ camouflage in use. Camouflage consists in disguising military personnel, equipment, and installations by covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.

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European Dubbing Practices

Umberto Eco said that the language of Europe is translation. He may not totally be right if we look at this map about dubbing practices in Europe. Some European countries prefer subtitles, others simply do voice-over…

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European Capitals’ Emblems

It seems that Europeans love animals (in particular bears), crowns, angels and castles! They are their favorites to put on their emblems – those heraldic devices taken as distinctive badges for a national, a city or a family.

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European Matriarchies

This is a fascinating way to present some forgotten time of European history. This map tells us a lot on matriarchy and the power and influence it had in the past. Probably something to think about when discussing the future of Europe…

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European @ Sign

At first glance, this map looks quite exotic. It actually tells us how Europeans call the @ sign in their language and why. In Dutch, for instance, it is called apestaart, which means “monkey’s tail”.

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European Spirits

It’s time to party! In the rush of preparations, some may face a difficult choice: which spirit to drink tonight? A Scotch Whisky? A Nordic Akavit? A Polish Vodka? An Italian Grappa? Or a Greek Ouzo?

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European Speed Limits

What is the speed limit and the maximum blood alcohol limit in every single European country? This map may be quite handy on your way to summer holidays…

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European Wedding Rings

“Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it, if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it…” Yes, sure! But wait a minute, on which finger? Would you put it rather on the left hand? or on the right hand?

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