Traditions of Europe

Europe’s many cultural traditions show the old continent has never lost its young spirit. Whether its whirling round poles in spring, going crazy in summer, or getting naked to plunge into the icy depths in winter: these customs are sometimes weird, sometimes hilarious, always fascinating.

European Easter Traditions

The Easter period is a time of great celebrations for many Europeans. In some places you’ll be invited to read whodunnits, write anonymous letters, swing high, dress up as a witch… or get arrested for dancing.

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European Lawn Games

Learn how to throw the Mölkky like the Finns, the Chinquilho like the Portuguese or the Pétanque balls like the French. Get to know how to hit the Croquetballs like the Brits or the Hornussen like the Swiss…

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European Weird Traditions

Let’s join the tomato fight in Spain or the sausage tossing in Switzerland! Let’s twist on the frog dance in Sweden or groove on the Bear dance in Moldova! Let’s compete in the wife carrying race in Finland or the Naked run in Denmark…

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European New Year Traditions

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and you are wondering how you could best celebrate it? All you need is Turkish red underwear, Danish old plates, Polish horse-drawn sleighs or Moldovan bear costumes.

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European Tooth fairies

There are all across Europe small creatures active in the weird business of collecting teeth. These mysterious creatures work under cover and usually strike at night, when everyone is already asleep. Their existence is a secret for most…

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