Musics of Europe

Europe has a major asset: its musical creativity! Thousands of bands and artists delight us daily with their boundless creativity on the radio, on the web, at a venue or in a festival field. Whatever the language, format, or genre, maestros and melomaniacs come listen to Europe’s amazing creativity.

European Musical Instruments

Whether you’re listening to a classical symphony or a Magyar marriage, on a Slovakian hillside or a Hawaiian beach, whether you want to pluck or blow, you can bet there’s a European instrument that can provide the perfect accompaniment.

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Who are the most famous European Composers?

European Composers

From the earliest church chants to the most modern atonality, Europe is the cradle of classical music. Even if you don’t know your Larghetto from your Leitmotiv, find just how much melody oozes from the continent’s every pore.

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European Festivals

Tomorrowland, Sziget, Gastonbury, Roskilde — Summer is already looming despite the chilly weather, so it’s time to draw out your calendars, because the rich and dense festival season is around the corner!

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European Pop Playlist

Europeans unfortunately face a desert audiovisual landscape, which doesn’t lack of content but of network. This is all the more a pity, if we just consider that some European music hits would be willing to make the whole continent dance.

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European Electro Playlist

Young Europeans know better American hits and charts than the successful tunes of their neighbors. This first European Electro-Playlist tries to bridge this gap, by delivering an actual overview of the best European production in electro music.

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European Rock Playlist

Let’s rock Europe again! There is no need to highlight again the European creativity and in particular in rock music. After two decades of famous bands and rockers, a new range of European artists is rising in every single part of Europe.

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