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The old Europe ; she won’t revive : may the young Europe offer more chance ?

François René de Chateaubriand, 1849. 

The old Europe works in a relative surprising way : on the one hand, it concentrates on the thinnest continent of the world a certain amount of states, cultures and languages, but, on the other hand, this cultural diversity barely circulate on its territory, so that young Europeans would better know American hits and charts than the successful tunes of their neighbors. Lady Gaga, 50 cent, Katy Pery and other American idols enjoy the advantages of a widespread media system that allow them to reach everyone all around the world. Well, good for them! But what about Europe? This first European Electro-Playlist tries to bridge this gap, by delivering an actual overview of the best European production in electronic music. Have a look at the French, Ukrainian, Serbian, German and, most important Austrian samples, they are great!


♪♪♪♪♪ Sound of Kuduro – Buraka Som Sistema : Here is a really prominent electro band from Portugal. Of course you all already know the famous wegue wegue ! And if you want more, watch and listen to this hangover


♪♪ Ni tu ni nadie – Fangoria : Spain is not only the country of Almodovar’s transexuals, this is also the country of Fangoria’s transexual. The video is quite funny, but the tune would have been better without lyrics. This is to notice that Fangoria sold more than 1,200,000 CDs over the world.


♪♪♪♪♪ Audio, Video, Disco – Justice : We couldn’t choose other tune than this one, from the new album of Justice. Because it inspired the menu of this blog and because it really grooves ! Just a reminder “Audio, Video, Disco” means “I hear, I see, I learn”.


♪♪♪♪ Hoppípolla – Sigur Rós : This electro band is the Icelandic reference regarding electro music. Hoppípolla is a tune full of emotion and the video clip is wonderful.


♪♪♪ Floating – Jape : Here is an electro-pop-rock group from Dublin with an excellent music clip full of vegetables in slow-motion pictures


♪♪♪♪ Salmon Dance – The Chemical Brothers : A quite funny tune mixed by the kings of the British electro music, namely the Chemical Brothers. With that song, you will learn how to dance the amazing salmon dance. If you want to, have a look at the title “Das Spiegel” on the same album.


♪♪♪ Happy Up Here – Röyksopp : you may have already listen to this music, be that in an advert, or in a shopping center. This is simple and fresh electro


♪♪♪♪ Om du Möter Varg – Detektivbyran : For those who have seen the movie Amélie Poulain, they may think she was actually sweden. It really heards like Yann Tiersen, the one who made the soundtrack.


♪♪ Group sex – Imatran Voima : We didn’t know that Finnish people were so interested in that kind of practice. Well a quite lounge tune, not one of the best of this playlist, so if you don’t have much time, just skip it.


♪♪♪ Moan – Trentemoller : Pay attention, the dog is speaking in the video clip. This is Trentemoller, quite calm and psychedelic, that is, perfect to keep working while listening to music…


♪♪♪♪ Ik Ga Hard – The Partysquad : an excellent tune between rap and electro, and the whole, in dutch ! if you don’t like rap music (as I), just listen to this one, and you may change your mind, because it’s really good !


♪♪♪ NY Excuse – Soulwax : Belgian rock, Soulwax remix ! This is quite interesting to know that the band first recorded this track in a rock version, and then remixed it. The sample is the one of Funky Town.


♪♪♪♪♪ Aaron – Paul Kalkbrenner : This is really a great discovery from Berlin, the living city. It comes from the soundtrack Berlin callin. Of course it is minimal electro music, as always in the German capital. If you want to listen more, just try “Dockyard”.


♪♪♪ Boom Boom Boom – Da Cruz : You liked the Portuguese title in this playlist ? You may enjoy the swiss record from Da Cruz, singing in Portuguese.


♪♪♪♪ WARP – The bloody Beetroots : Italy is closed to France, and we can feel it in this tune. It’s just inspired from what Daft Punk and Justice do, even their costume. But they are great ! This tune is quite violent; you may not like it…


Beautiful – Proteus Noir : An eletro-rock tune, with a voice like Depeche mode, but from Slovenia ! Don’t worry, they sing in English !


♪♪♪♪ Tedd a napfényt be a számba – Anima sound system : The same writing as LCD soundsystem, and Hungarian electronic voices for a funky pop rhythm.


♪♪♪♪♪ Catgroove – Parov Stelar : This is one of the best tune of this playlist. It was hard to select one title from the excellent hits of Parov Stelar –a music between swing, vintage and electro. This is excellent. Just listen to “Chamberman Swing”, “Starlight”, “Libella Swing” and “Charleston Butterfly”… Pay attention, this is not the official video clip, but the man is quite good at dancing in it!

Czech Republic

♪♪♪♪ Electro gastronomique – Cartonnage : This is a wonderful remix of old tunes with a voice singing in French.


♪♪ Mariena – Noisecut : This new Slovakian group has not gained an international fame yet, but is full of promises.


♪♪♪ Sculpture – Skalpel : A bit of electro-jazz in this playlist from Poland. This is certainly not music to party, but excellent to relax


♪♪♪♪ I’ll be Gone – Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu : this excellent tune shows how Lithuanian music can be creative in the field of electronic music.


♪♪♪ Preses Nams – Gas of Latvia: Latvia has a long tradition of industrial/ambient electro music. This title is experimental and evokes Latvian history…


♪♪ Laanetaguse – Galaktlan : Galaktlan is the Estonian representative for electronic music. This is more like ambient music, ideally to be listened to in background.


♪♪ Without Thinking – Dreamlin : Belarus people are really creative. This may be because of the oppression there. A short tune and digital pictures. Quite calm.


♪♪♪♪♪ Shepherd disco – OMFO : Another great discovery. It’s worthy. OMFO (One Man From Odessa) was born in USSR and criticize through music this system. At the end of the tune, just visualize the shepherd…


♪♪♪ Epic Sax Guy – Ozo : In 2010, the moldavian saxophonist made a great impression at the European song context. He was remixed a lot on the net. Here is an example.


♪♪♪♪ Bucovina – Ian Oliver & Shantel : The origins of Shantel, the German DJ, are in Romania. You may already know by heart this tune, Bucovina.


♪♪ Sutra – Nipplepeople: Here comes an interesting electro-pop title from Croatia. Unfortunately, there is still a female voice which always downgrade the whole quality of the music.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

♪♪♪♪ Bla bla bla – Basheskia: Here is a funny music from Bosnia and Herzegovina produced in 2006. This demonstrates the talent of Bosnia and Herzegovina for electronic music.


♪♪♪♪♪Why don’t You – Gramophonedzie : We may not have to present this tune, we already know it all. Disco-electro-vintage. From Serbia of course !


♪♪♪♪♪Jungle Shadow – Kiril Džajkovski : Another great tune. Music from Balkan allow us to dance better ! Good video clip !


♪♪♪ Don’t Happy be Worry – Rambo Amadeus : This is an unconventional tune with noises from mouth. It comes from Montenegro, and it’s quite popular there, from what I read…


♪♪♪ Cokollata  – Fanfara Tirana feat Nevenko Bucan : Back in music from Balkan with a traditional  fanfare. Pay attention, this tune is a remix, but the original is not on youtube.


♪♪ Kuker – Balkansky :  we are now coming deeper in the Balkans with ethnic music, quite psychedelic. For those who like.


♪♪♪ Club soda – Savvas Ysatis : It sounds like French Touch and it is to forget about the crisis. This is quite efficient and lounge.


♪♪ Just your touch – Mert Yucel feat Derek Conyer: Mert Yucel is considered as the best Turkish reference for electro and house music. The (repetitive) video selected for this playlist has been seen by very few people. I’m sorry, I find it hypnotizing and original.

► Bonus

♪♪♪♪♪ Europe Endless – Kraftwerk : A short trip all over Europe and its construction. A tune composed by the grandpa of electro music.

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