European Rock Playlist

Europe is weird songs that would never make it in America”.

Mike Myers

Let’s rock Europe again! There is no need to stress again the European creativity and in particular in rock music. After two decades of famous bands and rockers, a new range of European artists is gaining success in every single part of Europe. If this new wave is indeed a good news, there is however the need to circulate more the hit musics beyond frontiers. The following playlist offers the possibility to discover successful rock bands all over Europe. Just enjoy for instance the French, Lithuanian, Belarus and Swedish rock titles by clicking on the YouTube link. No jokes, Europe is not dead !

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♪♪♪ A Máquina – Amor Electro : This is a not aggressive Portuguese rock tune. This is a good example of what Portuguese musicians can do.


♪♪♪ Copenhague – Vetusta morla : A band singing some songs that remind us of Coldplay. This is calm but effective. Perfect to learn some Spanish words.


♪♪♪♪♪ Nico Teen Love – BB Brunes : The young group BB Brunes was announced in France as the Rebirth of French rock. If you liked Nico Teen Love, try Lalalove you or Britty Boy


♪♪♪ Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men : The talented duo is delivering us a really a punchy music that will without doubt make you dance. It makes me thing of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeros.


♪♪♪ Vertigo – U2 : This was obvious that U2 would figure in this European rock playlist. The legendary Irish rock band continues to make us dance on lively rock.


♪♪♪♪ That’s not my name – The Ting Tings : The British duo offers us a dynamic music full of energy. That’s not my name entered directly at number one on the UK singles Chart in 2008.


♪♪♪♪ Knekker Deg Til Sist – Kaisers Orchestra : The rock sounds better in the North, so just try this dynamic song illustrated with a video clip with girls with masks.


♪♪♪♪♪ Dance with somebody – Mando Diao : This may be the best title of this playlist and you will certainly adopt it for your parties if not already done!


♪♪ Hiekka – Apulanta : In the cold of winter, Finnish artists tend to play music, and it gives a rock title like this. This is not the best sample of this playlist, but is listenable.


♪♪♪♪ Va Fangool ! – Nephew : The music in this title is reminiscent of Muse’s best titles. It suggests us to “va fangool” with an animated video.


♪♪ Times are changing – Di-rect: Di-rect is one of the famous Dutch rock band of the 2000’s. This record is a lively piece of music.


♪♪♪ Take it easy – Ghinzu : Belgians are quite known for their rock music. This title from the famous band Ghinzu comes after their famous title The Dragster Wave.


♪♪♪ Lasse redn – Die Ärtze : The German rock band composed this enthusiastic music in 2008. Translated in English it means “let the people speak”.


♪♪♪ Ulo – Zap Zoo : yes, their is music in Luxemburg, and what’s more, with reggae, rock and electro inspirations ! Look at the video clip, it is quite funny !.


♪♪♪ Gigiolo Vagabundo – Bonaparte : Yes, I know, the band is based in Berlin, but the singer is from Switzerland. Just try one day to see the band on stage, they are so many and doing nonsense!


♪♪♪ A Room & A kitchen – Moseek: This is a very special rock title from Italy, with a specific voice and sound, but interesting to discover.


Senca sebe – Šank Rock : Šank Rock is one of the most famous rock band in Slovenia with 20 years of being well known artists.


♪♪ Monochrome – The Idoru: There is something funny in this excited rock band. This is not something surprising, as rock music is an institution in Hungary.


♪♪♪ Worst Of Total Anarchy – Killed By 9V Batteries : A rock music full of sadness and hope at the same time. The story in the videoclip is unexpected!

Czech Republic

♪♪♪ Top! Top! The Radio! – Sunshine : Rabbits can play rock music. If you have doubts watch this.


♪♪♪Zatancuj – Para : A rock tune from Slovakia. An excellent Chorus and rhythm.


♪♪ Plan Ewakuacji – Cool Kids of Death : A famous group in Poland which plays a dynamic rock. This is not the best title ever, but entertaining.


♪♪♪♪♪ Power Forever – Happyendless : A true discovery. An excellent chorus. I really love this tune which stays in the mind for a while after having listened to it. You’ve got to listen to it. The video clip, after 30 seconds and without considering the haircut, is really great!


♪♪♪ Tu Esi Stulba – AK69 : The Latvian group offers us a quiet rock with a balanced rhythm.


♪♪♪♪ Jolene – Ewert and the Two Dragons: This group is very successful in Estonia, and indeed, its music is very good. The previous single a “Good Man Down” was voted hit of the year 2011 in Estonia.


♪♪♪♪♪ Follow Me (30000 kilometers) – The Toobes : The Toobes is definitively a success and a great contribution to rock music in Byelorussia. It deserves reaching success internationally.


♪♪♪♪ Я так хочу – Okean Elzy : Okean Elzy is regarded as one of the most talented rocker in Ukraine. This title is energetic with some electro-pop sounds.


♪♪ Ploile nu vin – Alternosfera : Let me introduce to you this Moldovan rock band which seems to be quite successful there. This may be not the best rock music ever, but gives you an idea of what Moldovan artists can do.


♪♪♪ Backseat Driver – Grimus: now let’s move onto Romania with an efficient roch title composed by Grimus which won the National Finals of the Global Battle of the Bandsand represented Romania in the World Finals.


♪♪♪♪ Riječke Pičke – Let 3: an excellent introduction, followed by a perfect melody with guitars. The whole served by artists with masks and moustaches. You will surely enjoy.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

♪♪♪♪Blam – Dubioza Kolektiv : Dub from Bosnia, perfect to dance with ! This is funny, and quite easy to understand !


♪♪♪ Budjav lebac – S.A.R.S.: As often, Serbia offers us a creative music and video clip. The hit song “Buđav lebac”gained nationwide popularity in 2009. If you find it a bit sad, try Debeli Lad.


♪♪♪♪ Ubij me! – Bernays Propaganda : If you liked the Ting Tings, you will probably appreciate this Macedonian band with their female vocal!


♪♪♪♪ Kujt i bije – Blla Blla Blla… : Here is a really interesting tune with a good bass and a violin. The sound is sophisticated just to let us enjoy.


♪♪ Shokolad – Остава: The Bulgarian rock is quite pleasant and the video clip is one of the most sexy of this playlist.


♪♪♪ Ο Φτωχός – Onirama: Good bass and a rhythmic song, this is the Greek nice contribution to our playlist.


♪♪♪ Sor Bana Pişmanmıyım – Duman : Let’s conclude with a wonderful music video representing the cycle of life.