Serbia – Sava Savanović

Sava Savanovic was the richest villager- a miler, very respected and known among other residents. Sadly, he was getting older and older without female hand to keep him alive.  He fell in love with much younger girl from the village, whose father did not even want to hear about letting his only daughter to the hands of an old man. As Sava did not give up, the father had to give the daughter. After some time they got use to each other, and they were having a decent life.

Nevertheless, Sava`s brother also fell in love with the young woman. Their meetings were impossible to hide anymore. The terrible moment happened when Sava eventually found out, and full of anger, decided to kill his brother. One night in the mill, they had a terrible fight, where Sava stabbed his brother with the knife. Unfortunately, Sava`s wife was hidden in the mill, and when she realized what happened, started to scream and run. Eventually, Sava caught her and stubbed her in the neck. The real drama emerged when residents of the village heard screams and found the dead body in the mill. They were running after the murderer with sharp spikes and fired sticks. Not long after they found the dead girl`s body, did they catch Sava and killed him brutally. Because he was a murderer of two innocent lives, it was not possible to bury him on the village`s cemetery. They pulled his corpse and left it inside of the wood. The legend remained that the wood still perform some creepy sounds, and announcing Sava`s coming back for revenge.