Cyprus – The Five Finger Mountain

A long long time ago a very pretty girl lived in a village in an area close to today’s Girne.

Around the beautiful girl, there were two men who were both very much in love with her. Oneboy’s heart was made of gold, while the other was totally the opposite. One day the boys got tired of trying to outwit each other so they decided on a duel. Whoever won would get the girl’s hand and heart.

The duel would take place in a swamp area. The malevolent man tried a cunning plan to winover the good-hearted man, by wounding and pull him down deeper into the swamp.

The goodhearted man slowly began to sink deeper into the swamp, and when he tried to pull himself out of the mud, he raised his sword with one last effort, and the sword slipped from his grasp. He slowly pulled down his opponent in the swamp, but was himself also buriedwith five fingers open to the sky.

Meanwhile, the marshy area dried out and the good-hearted man’s hand turned into mountains and today we can see his knuckle with five fingers on east Kyrenia Mountain.