Bosnia and Herzegovina – Queen Katarina

One morning, Queen Katarina ordered her servant to saddle her horse, setting off towards the villages around Bobovac. Everyone wondered about that beautiful girl dressed in a white cloak on a white horse, but no one recognized her; finally, she arrived in the village of Očevje – the old blacksmith’s mine, or majdan – and entered the first water mill she encountered. When she saw the people living in such poverty, she gave to every child a single golden coin.

Another legend tells the story about a powerful spring named Katarina. The spring was named after Queen Katarina escaped from Kozograd and Kreševo to Ston, all the way through Tarčin and Konjic. As people say, the Queen stopped in Tarčin to water her horse as well as the horses of the forty noblemen who escorted her. From the time of that event, the spring has carried her name.