Portugal – Jogo da Malha

Wooden pins (belhos) 15 cm high, 6 cm in diameter and sharpened at one end,
Metal disks (malha – ‘cookie’ iron about 7 inches thick, 12 six inches diameter with a hole in the centre).

1. Set up
Select a 20m long soil. Draw a baseline, where players align behind horizontally. Place the ‘belhos’ vertically (2 pins or more) at the end of the track or at least 3 m far from the baseline.
2. Throwing malha
Players alternatively try to overthrow the ‘belho’ with their ‘malha’, by throwing them from the baseline.
3. Scoring
If the ‘belho’ is overthrown the player earns 3 points. If it is not, the player that threw its ‘malha’ the closest to the ‘belho’ earns 1 point. The game lasts up to 60 points.
4. Tournaments
Tournaments can have several teams but only two teams face each other on each track


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