Italy – Ruzzola

1 ruzzola (a disc of very hard wood with variable diameter according to the local regulations, usually from 13 cm for a ruzzola to a giant size called a ruzzolone, even though a round of matured cheese is still sometimes used instead of wood).

1. Place

The races are held on defined paths, called treppe, specially chosen with hills, curves and obstacles to make the game more lively.

2. Passing the Ball

The players, divided into teams, alternate while trying to run the cheese as far as possible along the track. They are not allowed to leave the established path even if the launch lands in a ditch or high grass, when everyone then jumps in to try to find it and keep the game going.

Back on the track, the next throw starts from the point at which the wheel landed by the previous companion team member. Precedence of the shot remains with the player at a disadvantage and it is mandatory to follow the set path.

3. Winning
The team that ends the course with the fewest strokes wins the prize, consisting of a round of… (what else?) Pecorino cheese!