Denmark – Keglebillard

1 billiard,
2 cue sticks,
1 red ball,
2 white balls
5 pins (skittles).

1. Goal of the Game
The aim of the game is to achieve a predetermined number of points in as few shots as possible.
2. Rules
In an inversion of the normal play in most three-ball games such as carom billiards and English billiards, the red ball is used as a cue ball by both players, with the whites as the object balls. There are two ways to score points.
One is by knocking over one or more of the pins, for 2 points each, with a white object ball after hitting the white with the red cue ball (i.e. a combination ball-to-pin shot).
The other is by making “red”, that is to have the cue ball hit both object balls, which gives 4 points. It is a foul if the cue ball topples a pin or leaves the table, whether by a pocket or over the edge. A white ball that leaves the table is just returned. The second consecutive shot where red is not made and no ball touches a cushion is a foul.
The third consecutive shot where no pin falls is a foul. The only effect of a foul is that the shot counts 0, ending the player’s turn at the table.