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Posted: October 18, 2011 in Home
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Europe is dead?
Of course not!
Far from thinking that Europe is boring, we, on the opposite, assume that Europe is the land of all surprises. The smallest continent of the world concentrates indeed on its territory the greatest amount of cultural expressions and linguistic inventions. Unfortunately, those hidden treasures barely circulate across frontiers and remain unknown to the majority of European inhabitants.  This is all the more a pity if we consider that it is actually this cultural creativity which constitutes the spirit of Europe.

Europe’s not dead aims precisely at exploring this European patrimony. This website intends to present various national contents in a broader European outlook. By providing a new transnational perspective on the common cultural expressions of the Europeans’ every-day life, Europe’s not dead ambition is to bridge the gap between cultural diversity and European unity.

Have you ever listened to the Portuguese most famous nursery rhyme?

Do you know which street is the most expensive in the Italian monopoly?  Have you already read Greek’s favorite Fairy Tale? Or listened to the most popular Christmas Carol in Norway? Do you know what is the most untranslatable word in Dutch?  Europe’s not dead is all about those peculiar cultural manifestations from which it is possible to learn a lot about our neighbour’s culture.

The structure of the website is organized in three categories, each one divided in three subcategories. The three main categories are based on the Latin motto “Audio, Video, Disco” which means “I hear, I see, I learn”, and which is by the way the name of the last album of the French music band Justice.

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