Movies of Europe

European movie directors are without doubt very talented. Lars von Trier, Pedro Almodovar or Ken Loach are for instance among the most prominent movie directors in the world and their work gained huge success worldwide. One may notice that each year  some European movies cross the oceans and succeed in reaching very different audiences, if we just think, for instance, at The ArtistDas Leben der Anderen or Amélie. There are plenty of other European movies which were sometimes really successful within the national framework but didn’t succeed in attracting producers outside. Those movies tell however a lot about the history or the humor of our nearest neighbors. This section is a compilation of European movies.

European Drama Movies

Once the national frontiers crossed, Europeans find in their neighbors cinema a huge variety of drama movies, always depicting the society as it is or revealing a passionate but impossible love story.

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European Comedy Movies

What makes Europeans laugh? Which comedy movies do they watch? Southern countries have comedies related to sexuality. In the North, you are more likely to laugh about social and societal issues.

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