Sounds of Europe

We are used to hear various kind of sounds in our every-day life, but we often tend to forget that all those sounds are the product of a national culture and history. If one tries to listen to sounds in other European countries, one may notice little differences. Police sirens are for instance really different from one country to another. The bells and chimes of the main European cathedrals don’t ring the same way. And if you listen carefully to the ringings in the undergrounds, you will without doubt observe small variations. This section is about all those brief sounds in Europe.

European Cock-a-doodle-doo

Cocorococo! Kikeriki! Kukkeliky! Gaggalagaggalagó! Cocorico! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Europeans are so multilingual that even their roosters speak several languages. Or at least, they believe…

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European Woof

Ão Ão! Guau Guau! Voff Voff! Bau Bau! Dogs make undoubtedly exactly the same sound all over Europe. But surprisingly Europeans do not hear the same sound… Discover how dogs bark across the continent!

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European Fillers

We say “uh…” or “um…” in English, “euh…” in French, “äh…” in German and “yyy…” in Polish. A two-person conversation can sometimes be like a tennis match and filler sounds are typically the most common default sounds in each language.

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European Disgusts

Beurk! Yuck! Eca! Bleah! It is quite funny to discover that all European languages developed their own words to express disgust in front of a dirty mark, a distasteful meal or a horrible smell.

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European Sneezes

Achoo! Atchoum! Atchim! Atsjú! Hatschi! Etcì! Why does the same body reaction produce different sounds all over Europe? Europeans use a different onomatopeia to transcribe into words the act of sneezing.

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European Screams

‘Ai’, ‘au’, ‘ayayay’, ‘ouch’, ‘ouille’, ‘yeow’… When pain is being transcribed into words, Europeans don’t share the same expressions. Ache is not a sound in itself, but every culture needed to put this feeling into words.

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