Melodies of Europe

There is nothing more national than melodies. Nursery rhymes, march songs, drinking songs, ribaldries, christmas carols or even canons are pieces of national culture and patrimony. This diversity in Europe has to be celebrated as such, keeping in mind that once put together they represent centuries of history. Many of the ribaldries or drinking songs for instance come from the Middle-Age, nursery rhymes reveal the secular practices of education while march songs disclose the different traditions of the European armies. This section tries to compile those hidden treasures so as to present them together in a European outlook.

European Nursery Rhymes

Having troubles falling into Morpheus’ arms? We have the medication you need: a compilation of the best nursery rhymes across Europe! From soft and relaxing lullabies to enthusiastic and vivid children’s songs, the choice is yours!

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European Football Chants

If there is one characteristic all Europeans share across the continent, it is certainly their love for football! But by “football” Europeans don’t mean American football, that you actually play with a rather suspect ball, using your hands and not foot. No! European football!

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European Anthems

What is the oldest national anthem in the world? Which anthem can’t be sung because it has no lyrics? Which country adapt its anthem to the gender of its monarch? Anthems in Europe are full of surprises…

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European Christmas Carols

No tradition is observed as consistently as the Christmas Carols – with each country having its own twist, of course. Have a look at the Ukrainian, Norwegian and Czech songs, they will lead you directly to Christmas fairy.

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European Drinking Songs

A German, an Irishman and a French man walk into a bar… You know how the story goes. But you don’t know how it ends! Because, after some good jokes and quite as many beers, all of them will start singing…

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