Switzerland – Hornussen

Several Hornuss (little balls),
1 Stecken (long whip like a pole),
1 Bock per player (Paddles).

1. Set up
Hornussen is played by two teams. One team is spread out in the Ries while the other is the throwing team (While one team is on offense the other team is in the field playing defense). They switch roles after every X:th throw.
The Ries has to be divided in 4 sectors in advance. The Ries is about half of a soccer field, but 6 to 40 Meters should do it for the scout version. If you have trouble to get a field with exact the dimensions you can adapt the game.
2. Scoring for the throwing team

Every Player throws Y times (e.g. twice). The throwing team gets:

  • 1 point if the Hornuss falls into the Ries
  • 2 points if the Hornuss falls into the farther half of the Ries
  • 3 points if the Hornuss falls into the farthest forth of the Ries
3. Scoring for the catching team
The catching team tries to get the Hornuss down with their wooden plates. If they succeed they get 1 point.