Poland – Ringo

One or two flexible hollow rubber rings,
1 net made of 12 m of tape, string or normal netting.

1. Set up
Draw the game’s field on any indoor or outdoor area that allows the participants to play. A volleyball court with any surface is fine. Teams can be of mixed gender.  One or more referees are needed to officiate.
2. Individual Game
In an individual game the serving player starts with a service of a single ring from behind the end line, while the opponent is awaiting the ring on his half of the court. When the ring is grabbed the player must immediately throw it over the net in such a way as to make it difficult to be caught by the opponent.  A point is scored if the opponent does not catch the ring. Play continues until one of the players makes a mistake or doesn’t manage to catch the ring.
3. Team Game
In a team game two rings are used – one for each team. Team games begin with a serve of the ‘ringo’ from behind the end line of each team. Serving changes after 3 points have been awarded to a side. When one of the rings hits the ground the players continues until the second ring hits the ground.
4. Scoring
The referee counts the points scored by each team. Points are scored when:
1) A player does not catch the ring properly (the ring should be caught with one hand only. If caught with two hands, this is a fault) or does not catch it at all,
2) A player changes the ring from one hand to another: a flying ring can only be caught and thrown with the same hand,
3) A ring hits the ground or the net or doesn’t make it  to the opposite half of the court,
4) The player loses contact with the ground in the act of throwing (one foot must be in contact with the floor at all times),
5) The throwing person starts but doesn’t follow through with the act of throwing, and thus attempts a fake a toss over the net,
6) The ‘ringo’ flies vertically,
7) A player makes more than one step forward in the act of throwing,
8) A player holds the ring for longer than 5 seconds. A Ringo match usually ends with 2 or 3 wimming 15 points sets, changing sides after every 8 points. If there is a tie (14:140, Each team tries to reach 2 advantage points as soon as possible. However when the score is 16:16 the team scoring the 17th point wins in “sudden death”.