Austria – Eisstockschiessen

8 Ice stocks,
1 target (“Daube”),
Ice surface.

1. Size of teams
There are 4 players in one team and each player got one ‘Eisstock’ to play. The team that loses the toss has to start the game, then it will be played alternately.
2. Playing
At the beginning of the game, the ‘Daube’ (wooden cube) is to be put in the middle of the rectangular field and is the target (centre) to play at.
The ‘Daube’ can be moved inside the field during the game and the new position will be the new centre.
If the ‘Daube’ leaves the field, it will be placed back to the middle.
3. Scoring
At the end of a turn (when all 8 sticks are played) any stick will be counted, which is closer to the ‘Daube’ as the best stick of the opponent team. The closest stick gains 3 points and any other stick gets 2 points.