European movie directors are without doubt very talented. Lars von Trier, Pedro Almodovar or Ken Loach are for instance among the most prominent movie directors in the world and their work gained huge success worldwide. One may notice that each year  some European movies cross the oceans and succeed in reaching very different audiences, if we just think, for instance, at The Artist, Das Leben der Anderen or Amélie. There are plenty of other European movies which were sometimes really successful within the national framework but didn’t succeed in attracting producers outside. Those movies tell however a lot about the history or the humor of our nearest neighbors. This section is a compilation of European movies.

European Historical Movies

Mini - European historical movies Churchill asked to forget, others urge to remember. Every single European country took the opportunity of cinema to tell the story of the atrocities of the last century. The exercise of putting together several historical movies enables us to learn from the lessons of the past and to compare which events bears a peculiar importance in each European country. The following map, based on the historical movies depicting last century, will show you that, in some country, World War II is the major event, whereas in others this would mainly revolve around the war for independence, the division of the Balkans or the rise of […]

European Comedy Movies

Mini - European Comedy moviesThe creation of a European list of comedy movies has never been done before. Of course humor has a lot to do with national culture and history, and for our own cultural richness, this should remain so. But if we look a bit in details, one observes that many national movies gained success beyond their frontiers. And if you look at some of the trailers above, you will certainly want to watch the whole movie, as some of them are very funny. This is interesting to notice the topic chosen in each country to deal with humor. While South[…]


European Drama Movies

Mini - European Drama MoviesNietzsche was right when he said that the grand Drama was European. He certainly didn’t designate cinema at that time, but let us use his statement for this topic. Europe is indeed full of great movie directors, some of them having a great success internationally. Once the national frontiers crossed, Europeans find in their neighbors cinema a huge variety of drama movies, always depicting the society as it is or revealing a passionate but impossible love story. Europeans are excellent in producing great drama movies, making us cry[…]




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