Europeans watch every day millions of short programmes. There are in all European countries very popular broadcasts followed by thousands of citizens. Sketchs and humoristic programmes are gaining every minute hundreds of viewers on YouTube. But, once again, European tend to watch only the production of their national culture. This could be done otherwise, as many European broadcasts are just hilarous and could reach a better audience on the whole continent. With the magic of subtitles, a huge amount of audiovisual content is now made available to everyone. This section compiles some of them.

European Tooth Fairies

 There are all across Europe small creatures active in the weird business of collecting teeth. These mysterious creatures work under cover and usually strike at night, when everyone is already asleep. Their existence is a secret for most, even if their reputation worth just as much any other famous Christmas character, popular monsters or well-known superheroes. Some think these creatures are fairies, others argue they are mice, some support they are crows and few even say they are leprechauns. But all of them can remember the times when they were little and […] 

Mini - Weird TraditionsEuropean Weird Traditions

 We all acknowledge that the old continent is full of ancient traditions. Sometimes boring, sometimes folkloric, they teach us a lot on Europeans’ history, culture and philosophy. But besides the most famous ones, there are others, less known, which can be surprising, amazing or funny and deserve a special focus… The following list draws a panorama of how Europeans sometimes go crazy […]


European New Year Traditions

Mini - European New Year Traditions New Year’s Eve is approaching and you wonder how you could best celebrate it? This article is for you! All you need is Turkish red underwears, Danish old plates, Polish horse-pulled sleighs or Moldovan Bear costumes. You don’t have any of these? Never mind, you can still opt for the Macedonian mud costume or the Dutch birthday suits! But please, be assured that you’ll be expected to first foot in Scottland, yodel in Switzerland and climb trees in Slovenia. Unless you feel particularly introverted and you’ll prefer Romanian animal whispering… All your efforts won’t be  […]


European Easter Traditions

The Easter period is a time of great celebrations for many Europeans. Sure, it’s a religious holiday, and the beginning of the return of sunshine for the year: but let’s not forget that it’s also a rare moment when it’s socially acceptable to stuff your face with chocolate. While the binge is the same, the excuses for it vary hugely across the continent – the task of the Easter bunny in one place is fulfilled, in Latvia, by the Easter granny. In France, it’s flying bells who will attend to your insatiable choco-lust. Sound weird? That’s just for starters. In other places you’ll be reading whodunnits, writing anonymous letters, or arrested for dancing.  […]


European Lawn Games

 It’s summer time and you want to go out and enjoy your afternoon playing exotic games in a parc? Or it’s a sunny Saturday and you wanna meet your friends and play lawn games like Europeans? This article is just for you! Join Europe’s huge playground where you’ll be able to enjoy the old continent’s greatest traditional games and sports. Here you’ll learn to throw the Mölkky like the Finns, the Chinquilho like the Portuguese or the Pétanque balls like the French. You’ll get to know how to hit the Croquet balls like the Brits, the Hornussen like the Swiss or the Oină ball like the Romanian. If you are brave enough, you’ll   […]


European Inventions

mini- european inventions Did you know that European companies register each year in Europe more than 260.000 patents for their inventions? If all inventions are not necessary revolutionary, some of them may change radically our industrial technics, our communication channels or -more basically- our way of life. Over the last centuries, Europe brought to humanity many of the greatest breakthroughs. Think about great inventions such as the telephone, the printed press, cinema, the world wide web or the telescope. Or inventions of our daily lives such as eyeglasses, soft contact lenses,  swiss army knives or perfume atomisers… Europe is all about this creativity and the continuous aspiration for innovation and improvement. […]


Mini - European Stand-Up ComediansEuropean Stand-Up Comedians

Tarantino is absolutly right when he said that little differences in Europe are funny! Humorists in Europe can typically make a carrier in their country or the countries in which they share the same language. It seems logical, as humor is linked to one specific language and a national history. Once again, the exercise of putting together on a same map one humorist from each country learns us a lot on the sense of humor of our neighbors. We may share some of their jokes, and simply don’t understand others. The European diversity is also here, in the complexity of our humor. The majo […]


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