Die Europäer teilen miteinander eine Menge gemeinsamer Bilder. Wer die wichtigsten Maler der Menschheitsgeschichte betrachtet, wird feststellen, dass die meisten unter ihnen vom alten Kontinent stammt und dass jede Nation in ihrer Geschichte ein „Goldenes Zeitalter“ der Malerei oder der Bildhauerkunst vorweisen kann. Auch in der Populärkultur existieren Millionen von Bildern, die manchmal sogar die Landesgrenzen überschreiten, wie einige Comicserien beweisen. Diese Kategorie ist daher allen europäischen Bildern gewidmet.

mini - european stereotypesEuropean Stereotypes

Europe has always been full of stereotypes. It is to some extent fun and fascinating to see how the different preconceptions differ from one country to another. French are said to be snob, Brits well mannered, and Germans hardworkers… All these stereotypes and misconceptions don’t learn us much on our European neighbors, as they most of the time tend to be false, but they learn us more on the perceptions and the way we tend to see the others. If not taken seriously, stereotypes show actually that Europeans need to develop an image of their neighbors, the worst wo […]

European Comics
Mini - Comics

Tintin, Asterix or Spirou are without doubt comics with international fame, and not only in Europe. But did you notice that each European country has developped over decades its own national comics art? Some of the comics strips are even an integrant part of the national history and patrimony in some European cultures. It is interesting to compile in a single list the probably most famous comic strips from every European country […]



European Monsters

 Mini - European MonstersHere come the European monsters ! Children around Europe all have a terrifying creature which comes at night to scary , kidnap or even eat them when they are asleep or when they misbehave. And we must recognize that the parents, who invented those frightening monsters, had a great sense of imagination and creativity. In Spain, a hairy hand may grab your feet at night, while in Luxemburg, a Krojemanchen may drown you in the bathroom or even in your toilets. And what about  Rézfaszú bagoly in Hungary, told to be a malefic  copper penis owl ? All those monsters are without doubt part of our  European common heritage and should be celebrated as such. […]

European Paintings

There is the mind of every European citizen the image of a painting which bears a peculiar importance in his national history. Some of those paintings could be found on national banknotes, others still figure on postcards, in adverts or on CD covers. There was the need to reconstitute a European overview on our collective patrimony. When Picasso meets Turner or Delacroix, when Rembrandt appears closed to Munch, Bruegel, Klee or Klimt, this is the expression of a rich culture which can’t remain divided in isolated areas. This list of European renowned paintings offers you the opportunity to appreciate […]

European Monopoly Streets

This is the story of the most popular family game which gained success in Europe over the last 50 years. When reaching the old continent, the Monopoly game succeeded in adapting its board to the national specificities and thus has been adopted by most of the European families around the continent. Every European citizen knows by heart the name of the most expensive lot on its national board. “Mayfair”, “Rue de la Paix”, “Schlossallee” are national references in the United-Kingdom, in France and in Germany […]

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