Es gibt nichts länderspezifischeres als Melodien. Schlaflieder und Trinkgesänge, Militärmärsche und Weihnachtshymnen: Sie alle sind Teil des nationalen Erbes eines jeden Landes. Diese Vielfältigkeit verdient es, gefeiert und erhalten zu werden. Zusammengenommen ergeben sie eine jahrhundertealte Geschichte. Viele Trinklieder beispielsweise stammen noch aus dem Mittelalter, unterschiedliche Schlaflieder weisen auf unterschiedliche Erziehungspraktiken hin, und das Beispiel der Militärmusik lehrt uns, dass jedes Land über eigene militärische Traditionen verfügt. Diese Kategorie versucht, diese versteckten Schätze zu bergen und in einer europäischen Perspektive darzustellen.

European Nursery Rhymes

Our best child memories may be found in the nursery rhymes we used to listen at school or before going to sleep at night. In Europe, every country has its own rich patrimony regarding nursery rhymes, with sometimes wonderful melodies, but a little is really known outside national frontiers. The following list of European nursery rhymes tries to bridge this gap, delivering the most famous reference for each country and often superb samples such as the one from France, Iceland, Belgium, Bosnia y Herzegovina or Belarus. The following list provides you […]

European Drinking Songs

Europe is not only the development of political institutions, it is also the special intercultural link that every European citizen can experience in bars all over the continent. Erasmus students all remember the first time they sang the most popular drinking song of their host-country. It is actually an interesting experience to get to know how Europeans have fun and to share national toast or drinking […]

European Football Chants

Mini - European Football Chants If there is one characteristic all Europeans share across the continent, it is certainly their love for football! But by “football” Europeans don’t mean American football, that you actually play with hands and not foot. No! European football! The one that shakes the whole continent every two years, either for the World Championship or the European Championship, and that gathers thousands of supporters in giant Stadiums. And what do those European supporters do when they are in Stadiums! They sing of course! […]


European Christmas Carols

Let’s meet Santa Claus in Finland, drink Glühwein in German Christmas markets, bake traditional cookies in Denmark, eat one of the seven Christmas meals in France or sing the world famous Silent night carol in Austria. Washington Irving is right, Europe is all about those treasures of age accumulated over centuries. And Christmas Carols may bear the lion’s share in this regards. The following list provide […]

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