Korras nagu Norras
Everything all right/in order, like in Norway
It implies that everything is perfectly fine or in order. (It also rhymes nicely).


Rootsi kardinate taga 
Behind Swedish curtains 
To be in jail.


Terav nagu soome puss
Sharp as finnish puukko knife
Something that is really-really sharp. Used by older generation.


Läbi nagu Läti raha 
Tired/Over like the latvian money
It expresses of being tired after lot of physical activity. (Did you know by the way that “LV” on Latvian numberplates is jokingly referred to mean “Lisavarvas”, which means “extra toe”. Latvians supposedly have 6 toes on each foot).


Saksa täpsus 
German precision
To plan/do etc. something with great effort and craft.


(Nagu) Kreeka “e” 
(Like) a Greek “e”.
Mostly used to describe individual letters that are written with bad handwriting.

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