Zmizet po anglicku
To leave English style
To leave without saying “Goodbye”


Má se jako pánbůh ve Frankreichu
He lives like a God in France
He lives very well.


Je to pro mne španĕlská vesnice 
It’s a Spanish village to me
It is not understandable.


Pít jako Dán
To drink like a Dane
It means simply to drink a lot, which supposedly stems from the way Danish soldiers behaved in Bohemia after defecting in the Thirty Years’ War.


Jednou za uherský rok
Once in a Hungarian year
Not very often, once in a blue moon.

Motá se jak Maďar v kukuřici 
He is spinning like Hungarian in maize
No idea where is it from.


Je tu zima jak v ruským tanku 
It’s cold like in Russian tank
It’s very cold


Turecké hospodaření 
Turkish economy
Miserable, poor economy, wasteful, silly etc.

Poturčenec horší Turka 
Wannabe-Turk is worse than Turk
To out-Herod Herod


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