An Englishman’s home is his castle

This means that what happens in a person’s home or  private life is their business and should not be subject to outside interference.

For England
A person who talks for England, talks a lot- if you do something for England, you do it a lot or to the limit.


Double Dutch
Used when something is incomprehensible

Go Dutch
Go to a restaurant and share the bill

Dutch Courage
Have an alcoholic drink to give you confidence or take away the nerves

Dutch auction
If something is sold by setting a price, then reducing it until someone buys it, it is sold in a Dutch auction. It can also mean that something is changed until it is accepted by everyone.

Dutch treat
If something like a meal is a Dutch treat, then each person pays their own share of the bill.

Dutch Feast
A feast known for the host getting drunk before the guests.

Dutch Picnic 
A public picnic where the participants bring in their own food contrary to public picnics where the organizers are responsible to provide the food

Dutch wife
A Dutch wife is a long pillow or a hot water bottle.

Dutch uncle
A Dutch uncle is a person who gives unwelcome advice.


Pardon my French
An apology for swearing

To take French leave
To leave without saying “Goodbye”

A french shower
To spray oneself with deodorant instead of washing

A French kiss
To kiss with tongue

A french letter
A condom


Spanish practices
Unauthorized working methods that benefit those who follow them are Spanish practices.

Walk Spanish
If you walk someone Spanish, you physically force them to leave a place or discharge them.


It’s all Greek to me!
It is not understandable

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts
Don’t trust your enemies. An allusion to the story of the wooden horse of Troy, used by the Greeks to trick their way into the city.


A young Turk
A young person eager for radical change to the established order

Cold Turkey
To get goosebumps or to try quitting a bad habit

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