Oditi/popihati jo po francosko
To leave/run away in a French way
To leave/run away without saying “Goodbye” or without being noticed.

Delati se Francoza/narediti se Francoza
To pretend to be a Frenchman
To pretend not to understand/know/notice something.


Biti španska vas
To be a Spanish village
To be totally unknown to somebody.


Iti v Rim
To go to Rome
To give birth.

Videti Benetke
To see Venice
To be badly beaten – To not get what one expects.


Kdor hoče iti na Dunaj, mora pustiti trebuh zunaj
One who wants to go to Vienna has to leave his/her stomach outside
Life in Vienna is very expensive.


Kapa/in mirna Bosna
And peaceful Bosnia
Expression used to express that we won’t talk about it any longer.


Kaditi kot Turek
To smoke like a Turk
To smoke heavily.

Biti izmučen/zbit kot turška fana
To be tired like a Turkish flag
To be very tired.

Biti bizantinec
To be a Byzantine
To be a bootlicker, be a servile and smooth person.

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