A împărți nemțește 
To split [a bill] the German way
To split a bill equally between people.

A fura luleaua neamțului 
To steal the German’s pipe
To get drunk.


Conduci ca un belgian
To drive like a Belgian
To drive dangerously.


A șterge-o englezește 
To run like an English man
To leave without saying “Goodbye”


Frumos ca limba rusa
Beautiful as the Russian language
Russian is considered a difficult language to learn or understand. The Russians have also had a major role in Romanian history.


Ești moldovean?
You’re a Moldavian?
Based on the stereotype of both Romanian Moldavian and Moldavian as being extremely backwards, rural and poor characters, with no perception of the outside world.


Rahat cu perje, bucate grecești 
Shit and plums, Greek dish
You’re talking bullshit/this is bullshit.


Ești turc?
Are you Turkish?
Are you that stupid?

Ești turc.
You’re a Turk
Someone who cannot understand very simple ideas.

A fuma ca un turc 
To smoke like a Turk
To smoke a lot

A sta turcește 
To sit in the Turkish way
To sit in the lotus position

Cum e turcul si pistolul
In the way the Turk is, his gun may be the same
It can describe a poor quality job made by a negligent man. A more appropriate corespondent in English may be “such carpenters, such chips”

Doar nu dau turcii
We are not under assault by the Turks
There is no hurry.

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