À grande e à francesa
at big and at French
It designates a luxurious lifestyle.

Sair à francesa
Exit in a French mode
This expression means exit stealthily, quietly: Sneak a local.

Falar francês como uma vaca espanhola
Speak French as a Spanish cow
It means to speak a really bad French.


De Espanha nem bom vento nem bom casamento
Neither good wind nor good marriage come from Spain
Proverb that implies to be wary of Spain. Eastern winds (from the spanish border) are usually very dry and uncomfortable. The marriage part alludes to royal marriages with the spanish monarchy of which resulted the Iberian Union


Para inglês ver
for english to see
Something that is made only for appearances.


Certo que nem um relógio suiço
Right as swiss clock
Something that works properly.


Agradar a gregos e troianos
To please Greeks and Trojans
It means to please everyone, even people with very different characteristics; for example please two opposing parties.

Ver-se grego
Look Greek
It means to have difficulties accomplishing a task or struggling with something


perder o latin
Loose one’s latin
To become confuse

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