Mądry Polak po szkodzie
A Pole is wise only after a dammage
Instead of avoiding trouble, Poles learn from their mistakes, (it’s easy to be wise after the event)

Czech Republic

Czeski film
Czech movie
Something incomprehensible – Whenever one have no idea what the situation is about, is lost – when it makes no sense.

Czeski błąd
a Czech mistake
A typing mistake in which two letters or numbers are reversed eg. “worng” instead of “wrong” or “37” instead of “73”.


Niemiecka precyzja
German precision
To be really precise, accurate

Pruski dryl
Prussian drill
Harsh discipline


Stół/bufet szwedzki
Swedish table/buffet
Way of dining, where instead of being given the meal, there’s a big table with everything and you take what you want


Wyjść po angielsku
To leave English style
To leave without saying “Goodbye”.

Angielska flegma
English phlegm
To be very calm in every situation, to keep a cool head


Francuski piesek 
French dog/puppy
Someone who is very delicate and raised in expensive place, visiting only trendy places, eating just healthy food etc… – someone who is very picky and gets offended easily

Francuski pocałunek
French kiss
French kiss

Franca/francuska choroba
French sickness

Oral sex


Strajk włoski
Italian strike
To strike when you do your job, but extremely slow


Hiszpański temperament 
Spanish temperament
To be sexy,energetic, passionate, randy…

Sex with tits


Jak w szwajcarskim zegarku
Like a swiss watch
To be punctual, allways on time.


Polak, Węgier- dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki
Pole and Hungarian- two nephews, to the battle and to the glass
The Polish and the Hungarians are like brothers


Musi to na Rusi [a w Polsce jak kto chce]
“You have to” in Russia/Ruthenia [and in Poland as you please]
Don’t tell me “you have to”, it only works in Russia

Ruski miesiąc
Russian month
To wait forever

Ruski rok
Russian year
A very long period of time

Raz na ruski rok
Once in a Russian year
Very rarely

To Ivan something out (comes from Ivan = Russian)
To steal something

Złapał Kozak Tatarzyna, a Tatarzyn za łeb trzyma
Cosac caught Tatar, but Tatar is strangling (keeping) him by his head
Two sides are fighting, there’s balance, but none can let go or he will lose


Przecież to nie Ukraina
But it’s not Ukraine here
There’s a law here.

Pan Bóg i z Ukrainy słyszy
God will hear even from Ukraine
God will hear even from a far


Udawać Greka 
To pretend to be a Greek
To pretend not to know. It comes from Socrates who put himself in a position of a person that doesn’t know in his philosophical debates.


Goły jak święty turecki
Naked as a Turkish Saint
To be with no money

Siedzieć jak na tureckim kazaniu
To sit as on a Turkish lecture
To listen but not to understand anything (because Poles couldn’t understand Turkish)

Siedzieć po turecku
To sit in Turkish style
To sit cross-legged

Zawojowany Turek
Turk conquest
To never stop conquering, or making conflicts without reason

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  1. Nice, I wish you to add 1 more “zawojowany Turek” (Turk conquest). It means never stop conquering, or making conflicts without reason.

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