Party svensker
Party Swede
Humorous expression, but with a negative connotation. The term appeared in 2008 on a wall of Oslo (“partysvensker; go home“). It refers to Swedish (young) people who come to work in bars and restaurants in Norway – they work hard and party a lot.

Swedish button
A reset switch or “on/off” button. It designates a simple solution – so simple that even the proverbially stupid Swedes can use it. (In the Swede, Dane and Norwegian jokes, the Swede is always the stupid one.)


Ta en spansk en
Do the Spanish one/do the Spanish thing
It means doing something improvised and not necessarily legal, strictly speaking, but “eeh, who cares, it’s the simple solution”.


Det er helt gresk for meg!
It’s all Greek to me!
It’s not understandable.


Sint som en tyrk
Angry like a Turk
It means very angry. This one has to do with Ottoman involvement in past wars. It’s not used much.


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  1. It literally said “Partysvensker; go home!”, not “party svensker Hjem go”. This looks like a horrible google translate gone wrong.

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