Lithuania – Nationality-Related Idioms


Lėtas kaip estas 
Slow as an Estonian
To be very slow.


Šalta kaip Suomijoj 
Cold as in Finland
To be very cold


Geria kaip rusas 
To drink like a Russian
To be heavy drinking.

Rusiška siela 
Russian soul
Openness and kindness.

Rusiška tvarka 
Russian tidiness
A complete mess.


Lenkiškas honoras
Polish honour
Self value‘s are overrated.


Vokiška tvarka
German tidiness
everything is extremely tidy and sorted to the last detail.

Vokiškas punktualumas 
German punctuality
Always precisely on time.


Prancūziškas punktualumaks
French punctuality
Always late.


Ramus kaip belgas 
Calm as a Belgian
Belgian‘s are supposably calm people. One of the explanations is that it came from one of the horse breeds of Ardennes mountains. These breeds were used to plow the fields but they were very slow.

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