E’ tedesca!
She’s/he’s German
When someone is talking about somone really meticulous

C’è un giudice a Berlino 
There’s a judge in Berlin
It means that eventually justice is always found, usually related to lengthy trials that seems like will not end well.


Essere puntuali come un orologio svizzero
To be punctual like a swiss watch
To be very punctual.


Andarsene all’inglese
To leave English style
To leave without saying “Goodbye”


Fare il portoghese
Do the Portuguese
It means to not pay for a service you are supposed to pay. You know where this expression comes from? A portuguese king (Joao V) sent a very rich ambassador to the Pope. The ambassador organized a reception in his embassy and some italians attempted to join the party by claiming they were portuguese!


Fumare come turchi
To smoke like Turks
To smoke a lot.

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