Construire des chateaux en espagne
Build castles in Spain
Build castles in the air/sky, that is to say to have impossible dreams/ambitions/desires

Le mal espagnol
Spanish influenza


Parler anglais comme une vache espagnole
To speak English like a spanish cow
To speak really bad English

Filer à l’anglaise
To leave English style
To take French leave – To leave without saying goodbye

Prendre une douche écossaise
Take a Scottish shower
It is not a reference to how much rain falls on Scotland, but is a therapy where you would alternate showering with cold / hot water and refers to a rollercoaster-like situation.

Capote anglaise
English condom
A condom

Les Anglais débarquent
The English have arrived
To menstruate.


C’est toujours ça que les allemands n’auront pas!
Here’s something the Germans won’t get!
Expression when someone eats the last piece of food or the leftovers


Boire en Suisse
To drink in a Swiss way
To drink alone.


Saoul comme un Polonais
Drunk as a Pole
To be really drunk


Se faire voir chez les grecs
To go to make oneself see at the home of the Greeks
To be told to get lost – be told to go away – be told to make oneself scarce – be told to fuck off

Renvoyer aux calendes grecques
To put off until the Greek Calends
To put something off indefinitely

Beau comme un grec
Beautiful as a Greek
Handsome man


Tête de turc
Turkish head

Traiter quelqu’un de Turc à Maure
To treat someone from Turk to Maure
To treat someone with crualty and no pity


Perdre son latin
Loose one’s latin
To become confuse

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