Geria kaip rusas Španjolsko selo
It’s a spanish village
To understand nothing.


Praviti se Englez 
To pretend to be English
To pretend to be stupid, ignorant or uninformed.


Kao da ga je Nemac pravio
It is like a German made it
Something is of very great quality.


Dužan kao Grčka 
In debt like Greece.
This is an old saying, not a new one. I think it comes from the 19th century when Greece announced a default or something.


Prolaziš pored (nečega) kao pored turskog groblja 
Walking by (something) like it is Turkish cemetery
It means passing up by something and not noticing it at all, not caring at all. Usually used when a friend walks by you on the street and doesn’t notice you at all. Or when you are offended that a friend passed over your house, but didn’t come to visit. It may come from the period when Serbia was under Otoman empire.

Pušiti ko Turčin
To smoke like a Turk
To smoke heavily

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