шведска маса (shvedska masa)  
Swedish table
A buffet.


да дойдат германците ли?
Are you waiting for the Germans?
When someone is being sluggish, or when she/he just in panic and freezes.


френска любов (frenska ljubov)
French love
Oral sex.


руска салата (ruska salata)
Russian salad
A kind of salad.


[Не се отказвай/Отказа се] като власите накрай Дунава
[Don’t quit like/He quit like] the Wallachians at the shores of the Danube
It means to quit doing something when the end of the task is in sight.


Турска работа (turska rabota)
A Turkish job
To do something sloppily.

седене по турски (sedene po turski)
To sit turkish
To sit on the ground with legs crossed – To sit in the lotus position.

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