Crotia - The Black QueenOnce upon a time the land was dry for weeks in the valleys and hills. People, animals, meadows and gardens were yearning for a mild rain. Even the Black river that used to murmur through the cliffs got dried. Only in small rocky holes there was a drop of water that many birds searched for to quench their thirst. The grass by the river was dry and many people who used to come here prayed for the rain.

The sky did not show any mercy… But soon, the Black Queen came to the valley with her shining escort. She had her fairy court in Velebit mountain and used to come here and make the people happy with her kindness. The people begged her for help, so they do not die of thirs and their crops do not go to waste. The Queen showed them mercy and promised to give them plenty of water. The rain came down with thunder and flashes and it rained the whole night and the water grew higher and higher, until it shaped thirteen lakes in the bed of the Black river. The first lake was named “Prošćansko” after the begging of the people for water.

The hardworking people were so thankful that they brought stone by stone on the hill and build the Queen’s bountiful castle. The people were very happy and the Black Queen watched them like a white fairy and was joyful because of the lakes. After some time, the castle over Kozjak was abandoned little by little and the Queen went to underground fairy court. The people kept seaching her to bring her thankful gifts and prayed her to give them a sign that she was alive. Suddenly the water came from Galovačko lake and overflowed over the cave. There were huge floods and people were scared for their lives. They prayed the Black Queen to save them.

Suddenly ther was a flash of lightning and the wind and the rain started to go away. On the waterfall of Galovac there was a magic light and the Queen showed up and said to the people in a sweet voice: „Dear people, you are good and faithful to your land and to your king; you are obedient and persistent, but you will be guarding christianity for a long time, spilling your blood for your master, faith and country. So, I shall come to you again and with my return, the sun of better future shall rise. Then, your shady forests and beautiful valleys shall not be abandones; from then on, gentlemen from all over the world shall come to your wonderful Plitvice lakes.“


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