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European literary heritage is inestimable. Such statement may sounds plain for Europeans who grow-up in a society shaped by literature. It reflects however an historical evidence, as the most prominent European writers influenced forevermore the destiny and philisophy of nations over the world.  In the history of mankind, few pages of paper were more efficient in transforming deeply the societies over centuries than the use of bombs in global conflicts. Shakespeare, Molière, Dante, Goethe… all those literature heroes are the true founders of the European spirit and remain the cornerstones of our common culture. This section pays tribute to this European literary heritage. It will try to present this common heritage in a transnational perspective, by putting together some of those treasures of literature.


 European Fairy Tales

Mini - European Fairy Tales Folklore is an integrant part of Europe. It both expresses Europe’s history and influenced it in return. There are in Europe a rich amount of Fairy tales which made the fame of renowned collectors such as the Grimm brothers or Hans Christian Andersen. But for some country, there is little known of the variety of their Fairy Tales outside their borders. The following list is a selection of the best Fairy Tales or literature for children collected in every European country. As most of them […]


European Legends

Mini - European Legends Imagine the swiss William Tell, riding the polish Dragon of Krakaw in the french Broceliande Forest… Dream of the italian Befana joining the Mariatrost witch’s ride in Austria… Visualize the flying  dutchman boat sailing on the scottish Loch Ness Lake, closed to the german Lorelei, and her best friend Melusina… Once put together, all those European legends deliver all the creative potential of the old continent. Legends in Europe are at the heart of our society and history. […]



European Philosophers

mini - European Philosophers Think about: what is Europe, if not a community of philosophers? What would be Europe without its philosophy? Western philosophy is born on the banks of the Mediterranean sea in small greek cities. It has known the best evolutions throughout the centuries thanks to a certain number of humanists. It has shaped the world during the marvelous days of Enlightenment. It has gone through the fruitful experiences of intra-European debates, with each European country bringing its best thoughts. It has multiplied ideas, with a continuous renewal. […]



European Writers

French writers and journalists sometimes used a metaphor to designate the language of other European countries. English is then the language of Shakespeare, German, the language of Goethe, Italian the language of Dante or Dutch the language of Vondel. All these expressions refer to national literature heroes, which build the basis of a culture, a history and a nation. Europe is not the harmonization of all those cultural inheritance, but the full recognition of this diversity into a common and rich patrimony […]

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