Europe doesn’t lack of creativity and knows without doubt how to produce good musics. If we can count on several hundreds of music bands in every single European country, there is however almost no circulation of this production across the borders. The diversity of languages can be considered as a major reason, but one may also notice that Europe seriously lacks of a transnational media system.  There is up to now no big audiovisual channel like MTV in the United-States designed to broadcast the production of European artists. Some of the international hits sometimes come from the old continent, but most of the time they need first to be supported by the american music industry to reach a global audience. This sections provides the first European music playlists ever made.

European Pop Playlist

There is on our continent no big audiovisual machine like MTV entirely devoted to the circulation of European musical contents. There is of course a European song contest that occurs once a year but it is based on the discovery of new groups instead of putting forwards already existing and successful bands. Europeans unfortunately face a desert audiovisual landscape, which doesn’t lack of content but of network. This is all the more a pity, if we just consider that some European music hits would be willing to make the whole continent dance. Just discover some of the best pop title of Europe, such as the one […]

European Rock Playlist

Let’s rock Europe again! There is no need to stress again the European creativity and in particular in rock music. After two decades of famous bands and rockers, a new range of European artists is gaining success in every single part of Europe. If this new wave is indeed a good news, there is however the need to circulate more the hit musics besides frontiers. The following playlist offers the possibility to discover successful rock bands all over Europe. Just enjoy for instance the Fren[…]

European Electro Playlist

The old Europe works in a relative surprising way : on the one hand, it concentrates on the thinnest continent of the world a certain amount of states, cultures and languages, but, on the other hand, this cultural diversity barely circulate on its territory, so that young Europeans would better know American hits and charts than the successful tunes of their neighbors. Lady Gaga, 50 cent, Katy Pery and other American idols enjoy the advantages of a widespread media system that allow them to reach everyone all around the world. Well, good for them! But what about Europe? This first European Electro-Playlist tries[…]

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