Greece – Ta kalanda



Greek Version

Kalin esperan, archondes,
an i… an ine orismos sas,
Christou tin thian yennisin
na po… napo st’archontiko sas.
Christos yennate simeron
en Vi… en Vithleem ti poli,
i Ourani aghallonde,
cheri… cheri i ktisis oli.
En to spileo tiktete,
en fat… en fatni ton aloghon,
o Vasilefs ton ouranon
ke pi… ke piitis ton olon.
Plithos angelon psallousi
to dho… to dhoxa en ipsistis
ke touto axion esti
i ton… i ton pimenon pistis.
Ek tis Persias erchonde
tris ma… tris maghi me ta dhora,
astron lambron tous odhighi
choris… choris na lipsi ora.
Chronia polla evchometha,
stous se… stous sevastous ghonis sas
ke s’olous tous aghapitous
filous… filous ke singenis mas!

English Version

We bid good evening, gentle folk.
Would you… would you desire to hear told
of Christ’s nativity divine?
We’ll sing… we’ll sing it to your household.
For Christ is born in Bethlehem.
Sing out… sing out in jubilation!
The heavens break forth into joy.
Rejoice… rejoice all of creation.
The King of heaven has been born,
who is… who is the world’s creator.
With horses ’round him in the cave,
He lies… he lies inside the manger.
The hosts of angels sing His praise:
“All glo… all glory in the highest!”
The faithful shepherds at his side
draw near… draw near him to be first blessed.
From out of Persia, Magi come;
with gifts… with gifts they will adore him.
Led by the brightness of the star,
three kings… three kings, who bow before him.
May you be blessed with many years,
throughout… throughout all generations,.
and may the love and peace of God
fill all… fill all your celebrations!

Copyright 2012. Europeisnotdead. All Rights Reserved.

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